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Instra Ingenieros, a consulting and engineering company, puts creativity and innovation innovation to the industrial and business development services

Industrial and energy engineering

Energia para el desarrollo  

By stressing the great value of knowledge and efficiency, this company deals with the implementation of IT and automation solutions as well as innovating in the industrial processes and reasonable use of energy

On these principles, Instra carried out several industrial and energy engineering projects in Spain, Italy, Equatorial Guinea and Angola for important companies.


Instra Ingenieros has a strong commitment to develope talent and training as innovation sources. To achieve this goal, we have reached cooperation agreements with the University of Vigo such as sponsoring the Master’s degree in Building Engineering and Industrial Construction. Instra also participates in the Wind Power unit of the Energy and Sustainability Master’s degree, giving the students the opportunity to carry out their practical training and final projects at Instra Ingenieros

Apart from the academic field, Instra Ingenieros also participates in the development of highly innovative enterprises:

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Optimizacion de recursos  

Efficiency is one of the pillars of all the projects carried out by Instra Ingenieros. Therefore, some of our activity areas develop specifically in the energy optimization field like

  • Energy audits and engineering services to take energy efficiency actions
  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional according to the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO).


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